March 9, 2021

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9 Best Exercise Bikes to Stay Active Year-Round

$1,895, plus $39/month unlimited membership; $13/month for access to live and on-demand classes

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While the Peloton bike is a hefty spend upfront, it’s an investment that will keep you coming back for more. After the initial investment, your $39 per month membership gives you unlimited access to live weekly classes on your built-in HD screen with instructors who will motivate you and even shout you out in real-time when you’re crushing a segment.

Can’t make the live scheduled times? Don’t sweat it; The bike also comes with a huge on-demand library of rides that range from five to 90 minutes in length. There are themed classes, classes with different music genres, and classes of varying difficulty levels, making cycling accessible for all. “What I appreciate about Peloton is that there’s an instructor and style for everyone,” says Conlon.

In fact, if you want a budget Peloton experience, you can download the app, use your own bike, and have access to all the live and on-demand classes for just $12.99 a month. (They also offer yoga, meditation, bootcamp, and other classes unrelated to cycling.) You won’t have the connected experience of seeing how your performance ranks against others in a class, but you’ll still get a great workout. (Want an even more affordable route? Here’s how to do workout moves with home objects.)

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