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When it comes to hair removal, epilation is perhaps the most misunderstood method – in fact, so many people shrug it off because of the myriad myths out there. But we think it’s about time you gave these neglected tools a chance, because today’s best epilators might just provide the solution to all your shaving woes.

But first, let’s debunk the myths. We called on Dr Anita Sturnham, Braun Beauty Ambassador, to explain everything you need to know about epilating – as well as where to bag the best one for your hard-earned cash.

What is epilating?

Epilation is a method of hair removal that involves removing each hair, right from its root. The process is similar to waxing, only epilation doesn’t pull your skin. What’s more, the best epilators out there can grab even the tiniest of hairs, so you don’t have to endure that awkward growing-out phase in-between waxes.

“An epilation device removes body hair directly from the follicle to give you smooth skin for up to four weeks,” explains Dr. Sturnham. As the hair is removed from the root, you can get rid of shorter hairs more effectively than other hair-removal methods.

Is epilating painful?

When epilating, you’re essential pulling multiples hairs out simultaneously, right from the root. So depending on your pain threshold, there may be some discomfort. (Don’t panic though – you’re unlikely to be screaming into a pillow.) What’s more, the pain tends to decrease each time you epilate. “It’s best advised to epilate in warm water to make it a more comfortable experience. The warmth of the water releases endorphins which helps to reduce any discomfort or irritation. If you’ve tweezed or waxed, it’s a similar feeling,” says Dr. Sturnham.

How long does epilating last?

“Epilation offers a long-term hair removal solution that, if used both regularly and correctly, can last up to four weeks,” says Dr. Sturnham. So, that’s a good deal longer than the rusty razor that’s lingering at the back of your shower, and around the same time as a good wax. As a general rule, depilatory creams and razors will keep your legs stubble-free for the shortest amount of time, as they only remove the hair from above the skin. An epilator removes each hair right from the root, meaning you’ll have a couple more weeks before your legs begin to bristle.

After something even more long-lasting? You need to consider IPL hair removal. Sensitive soul? Maybe it’s the electric shaver for you.

What are the benefits of epilating?

Ok, apart from the obvious – super-smooth legs for weeks – there are so many benefits to epilating. Firstly, if you’re prone to shaving rashes, nicks and cuts, the epilator is your friend. You can kiss goodbye to those tiny paper-cut shaving wounds that never seem to stop bleeding. Secondly, epilating is so much more cost-effective than that regular wax appointment. Sure, many of the best epilators sit in the triple-figure arena, but once you’ve cancelled a couple of intimate hours with your therapist, your new device will have paid for itself.

The 4 best epilators to buy now

Confused by all the jargon-packed epilators on the market? We can hardly blame you. But you can un-furrow that brow now, because we’ve done all the research for you. Here, see the best epilators out there for quick de-fuzzing, in-bath treatments, and even one to remove facial hair.

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