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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Cyber Shield 2020 is underway on networks across the nation, with more than 800 National Guard Soldiers and Airmen from more than 40 states signed in for virtual training to sharpen their skills as network defenders.Cyber Shield, which runs Sept. 12-27 this year, is a defensively focused tactical cyber exercise hosted annually by the Army National Guard, with assistance from the Air National Guard. The exercise was conceived in cooperation with industry network owners and law enforcement partners to ensure it meets the demands of defending the nation’s at-risk information infrastructures.“This year has presented a number of challenges for Cyber Shield,” said George Battistelli, Cyber Shield 20 exercise director and chief of the information technology, security, compliance and readiness division for the Army National Guard. “Obviously, the big change to the exercise this year is the virtual environment. COVID-19 forced us to go virtual this year. We have had to change some plans, but for the most part, we maintained the same challenging and rewarding exercise that has kept participants coming back each year.”Week one of the exercise focused on offering world-class cyber defense industry training, conducted by leading technology companies such as Microsoft, SANS Institute of Technology, Focal Point Academy, California Polytechnic State University and the International Society of Automation. The training included classroom and practical exercises in cyber threat analysis, systems analysis, information control systems and information operations.“Training week is probably one of the highlights of Cyber Shield,” said Col. Teri Williams, officer in charge of Cyber Shield 2020. “We bring in some of the top vendors across the country to provide the training to the individuals. A lot of times the states don’t have the ability to contract some of the real high-end vendors. So this exercise gives us the ability to get Soldiers and Airmen the training that they otherwise would not get in their individual states.”State cyber teams become blue (friendly forces) teams for exercise week and conduct cyber incident response and network defense operations. Cyber Shield provides a tactical, scenario-based training network, complete with opposition forces and network owner role players.This year’s exercise offers a cyber range developed by National Guard cyber professionals for National Guard cyber professionals. It is a trial by fire for the nation’s newest cyber training infrastructure.“Most likely the future of cyber incident response is having to execute incident response in a remote environment for a dispersed organization,” said Williams, who commands the Virginia Army National Guard’s 91st Cyber Brigade and works full-time as the chief information officer for the Ohio Army National Guard.“All of the different actions that we go through prepare us for that future, from organizing the communications platforms to getting everyone on the range. Typically, we really think about training the participants, but I think this year, both the staff and the participants are getting a tremendous amount of training.”For more National Guard newsNational Guard FacebookNational Guard Twitter

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