Dentist In Merrylands Talks About 5 Dental Habits Which Are Ruining Your Teeth

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Right from the beginning, you have heard your parents asking you to brush and floss your teeth twice daily. The main goal is to maintain the longevity of your oral health. No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to manage the pristine condition of your teeth for long. You want help from the best dentist in Merrylands to work on your oral condition. Some of you might end up with irregular permanent teeth or swelled-up gums. No matter whatever the condition might be, it is really important to know more about the help you can get from a dentist.

Right from any basic teeth whitening to the complex root canal or dental implant help, you can always rely on a reliable dental professional for the right services. After checking out the condition of oral health thoroughly, they will offer you the right solution for your gum problem. Some of the oral care might need surgical assistance, and you are going to get that from reliable and well-trained dental surgeons. Just feel free to choose the one with a high-end reputation, and you need not have to worry about your dental health at all.

Habits that are bad for your teeth:

Most people are not aware of the ways in which they are hampering the condition of oral health. What they think to be normal is quite the opposite. Therefore, it is mandatory to get in touch with the 5 daily habits which are unknowingly bad for our teeth. Once you are sure of these habits, you might not think about doing that again. Changing some of the daily habits is more than enough to ensure that you maintain the well-being of your oral health.

  1. The unknown world of mouth breathing:

It is rather a common habit, which can affect at least 6 out of 10 children and adults. It is associated with the mouth being dry and dry lips as well. Now, as it is important to wear a mask in public on a daily basis, those who are not used to this agenda might find breathing out of the mouth to be a daily object to follow. Whenever your mouth starts getting dry, the lack of saliva juices will result in tooth decay.

  • Mouth breathing among children is also considered to be pretty alarming as it might affect the growth and even development of the jaw. This might further lead to crooked teeth.
  • On the other hand, if you leave this issue untreated for a long period of time, it can even stage up some other health issues.

Some of the mouth breathing signs will lead to drooling and snoring, teeth grinding during the night, and more.

  1. Drinking soft drinks more than what is needed:

You are well-aware of the fact that soft drinking is pretty addictive. It can also turn out to be quite harmful to your health. Right from heart diseases to diabetes, you must try to think twice before gulping down another bottle of coke.

  • On the other hand, the acids present in these sugar drinks will wear the enamel away, which is mainly designed to protect your teeth.
  • So, as a result, it will not just change the teeth’ appearance but will further open up for bacteria, which will lead to infections and cavities.

If you cannot actually resist drinking soft drinks, you can at least try to sip with a straw and then follow up with a quick water rinse.

  1. The habit of chewing on ice:

Most people love ice in hot and sultry summer months. In fact, some of the online weight loss articles will even promote ice munching to be a zero-calorie and healthy snack replacement. However, if you check this from the standpoint of a dentist in Merrylands, then chewing on ice can easily damage your tooth enamel.

  • It might even risk cracking and chipping off your teeth.

With passing time, you might find yourself quite sensitive to various temperatures of drinks and food, which is the last thing you want.

  1. Trying to use teeth as bottle cap openers:

There are many times when people try to open the cap of a beer or soft drink bottle with their teeth because they can’t seem to find the bottle opener or blade for the same. Just remember that you are gifted with one set of permanent teeth. So, using it to open the bottle cap is not a good way to handle oral hygiene. Even the dentist in merrylands is way against this thought of his patients.

  • Whenever you are trying to use your teeth as an opener, you are actually running the risk of chipping off your teeth.

Moreover, you might easily cut through gums, lips, or tongues, which will lead to infections and unwanted gum swelling.

  1. Clenching and grinding your teeth:

Teeth clenching or grinding is one condition, which is also noted as bruxism. It mainly takes place when you are asleep. There are some signs, which show that you are grinding your teeth. You are wearing marks on teeth, facing gum recession, sensitive teeth issues, and even teeth chipping.

  • It might be a common condition among patients, but heavy grinding can often lead to teeth aching and finally losing. It can even expose the dentine, which will increase the risk of decay, sensitivity, and discolouration.
  • Therefore, taking the help of a reputed dentist is important if you are suffering from nighttime grinding. Such grinding can easily cause neck and shoulder ache, constant headaches, and tired jaw muscles.

Visit your doctor periodically:

Now, you must be wondering, what is the importance of visiting the dentist clinic periodically? Well, if you want to maintain the longevity and health of your gum and health, then visiting the dentist from time to time is a mandatory point to address. It will help you to stay in close watch of your oral health. Even if there are some issues arising, you can resolve that when it is at its initial stage. So, visiting the dentist in Merrylands and making an appointment is always a good call to address.

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