Megababe Le Tush Butt Mask Can Be Used All Over Your Face and Body

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When Megababe first came onto the scene, founder Katie Sturino’s goal was to bring women’s beauty issues that have long been considered “taboo” to the forefront. The brand has gone on to create beloved products that help combat common but often ignored concerns such as thigh chafe, boob sweat,and melasma, when no one else in the market was addressing these areas.

The next target for Sturino’s barrier-breaking company? Butt acne. Earlier this year, Megababe released Le Tush, a clarifying mask targeted for your booty. Sturino tells InStyle, “Acne is a $400 million category in the US, but Le Tush is the only butt mask on the market to specifically clear up butt’ne (also known as butt acne). In fact, there aren’t many butt products available in general, and those that do exist are mostly creams targeting cellulite. Megababe doesn’t agree with the message that cellulite is bad or wrong or needs fixing! Acne on the other hand, can be painful and uncomfortable.” One of the reasons why Megababe is so successful is because Sturino’s products aim to help women live more comfortably in their own bodies, instead of prodding them to change.

Their new product does just that. So when it was announced that a new addition would be joining the lineup, the Megababe faithful waited with baited breath to see the latest and greatest creation. One of those fans was InStyle’s Beauty Editor, Adelaide Giesey. “Even as a beauty editor who has seen and tried it all, I sometimes have to stop and question if a product is really needed. When I first came across Le Tush, I have to admit, I was skeptical,” says Giesey. All of those doubts went away the first time she tested it out. Now, Giesey uses the mask twice a week. “It’s become part of my routine that I wouldn’t dare skip. Lesson learned: never neglect your tush,” she says.

Not only did it become a hero product for her, but she also continued to sing Le Tush’s praises to others. As someone who does what my trusted beauty experts/coworkers tell me to, I immediately ordered a tub for myself. After the first use, I was hooked. Not only does this product do its job of instantly erasing pesky butt’ne on your tush, but its facial-grade formula, packed with quality ingredients like AHAs, can be used all over.

For example, Adelaide and I both share the same issue of keratosis pilaris, otherwise known as those little red bumps on the back of your arms. Le Tush can be used to help soothe this skin irritation as well. Right before a shower, I’ll slather Le Tush on my butt, hips, and arms, or really any area of my skin that feels uneven. A cooling tingling sensation kicks in and you can feel the product working. After a few minutes, I hop in the shower and gently exfoliate the covered areas with warm water and rinse. It completely erases butt’ne and leaves all areas feeling smoother.

Since Sturino advertises it as a facial-grade product, I even tried it on my face the other night. You know how the saying goes: I saw Katie Sturino apply Le Tush to her face, so I applied Le Tush to my face. I was blown away by how soft and smooth my face felt afterwards. Le Tush did a better job exfoliating and clarifying my skin than some of my true facial products.

Le Tush is a miracle worker, and with all five-star reviews online, Adelaide and I aren’t the only ones who think so. At only $22 a tub, don’t you think it’s time you gave your tush some love?

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