The 5 Common Causes of Depression

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Depression is a mental disorder. Like other diseases, it can affect everyone despite their gender or age.

According to researchers, 10 to 15% of the entire US population will experience depression in their life. World Health Organization states that nine percent of women and five percent of men suffer from depression every year.

Well, depression is a complex disease. The causes for depression differ from one person to the other.

In this article, we focus on the main causes of depression.

  1. Weather Changes

The seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which affects 5% of Americans is associated with weather changes. For one percent of these people, depressive symptoms appear in summer. But why?

Well, that’s because our bodies respond differently to weather changes. In most cases, the body isn’t able to adjust due to changes in brain chemistry and the hormone melatonin.

  1. Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is linked with depression. However, the relationship between the two is like a chicken and egg scenario. That’s because drugs cause depression, then depression-prone people are likely to take up drugs as a coping mechanism.

For instance, let’s take tobacco smoking.  Nicotine in tobacco affects neurotransmitters by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels. Well, this is the same technique that antidepressant drugs used to cure depression.

Avoiding drugs like drugs helps balance the chemicals in your brain.

  1. Lack of Sleep

Yes, we know that poor sleep habits lead to irritability. But do you know that it can lead to depression? But how?

Sleeping gives your body time to replenish and repair brain cells. If you don’t sleep, then this vital activity doesn’t take place. As the result, brain functionality declines to lead to depression.

Take time to address your poor sleep habits. Your brain and the entire body will thank you.

  1. Hormonal Changes

Do you know that women are twice likely to suffer depression as men? In most cases, these depressive conditions rise at the peak of their reproductive age. Well, hormonal changes are at play.

Women are susceptible to these disorders when their hormones are in plenty. That’s during the menstrual period, childbirth, pregnancy, and pre-menopause. The depression risk reduces as one goes through post-menopause.

  1. Genetics

The gene makeup is a major risk factor. You’re likely to suffer from depression if other people in your family suffer from depression. According to statistics, 40% of all depression cases are determined by your gene makeup.

It’s worth noting that no cause of depression works alone. Yes, the gene makeup might be a major risk factor, but the environment you live in and your social life determine whether you’ll get depressed or not.


Well, several causes lead to depression. Some like drug abuse is within your control. Others like genetics, gender, and weather changes are beyond your control.

While you may work towards avoiding depression, there’s no guarantee you’ll not suffer from it. If you notice any sign of depression, consult a doctor immediately. Here, the doctor may use antidepressants or TMS therapy to treat your depression.

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