Which is the Best Time to Exercise to Lose Weight?

a woman sitting on a table: Morning or Evening: Which is the Best Time to Exercise to Lose Weight?

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Morning or Evening: Which is the Best Time to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Weight loss is extensive progress which requires consistency and determination. The difference will be noticed with the simple changes or development you do in your daily activities. Be it your diet plan, exercises, or small activities you do, all these make a lot of difference in your body weight.

However, a lot of people are often confused about the time of the day when they should exercise. What time do you usually prefer to indulge in some physical activities to lose weight?

While some people find exercising in the morning as a calming, stress-relieving, and healthy way to start their day, others prefer to work out in the evening as a way to relieve their exhausting day. Here we are helping you to understand the benefits of both the phases:

Morning Exercise

Exercising in the morning is found to improve metabolism, which means it will continue to burn calories throughout the day. In fact, workout in the morning can help you sleep better as compared to exercising in the evening.

According to a study by the University of New South Wales, it was found that working out in the morning (before breakfast) is the most effective time for cardio-exercises especially for losing weight. Morning exercise will help to wake you up.

The endorphins released during your exercise will make you start the day with positivity and excitement. Morning exercise can also boost a person’s mood more than evening exercise. Moreover, it will increase your mental alertness throughout the day.

Evening Exercise

On the other hand, evening exercise is found to have better performance. An article published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology suggests that maximal anaerobic leg exercises are better in the evening. Evening workout seems to be the best hour for building muscle, high-intensity workout and power-based exercise, including weight training and high-intensity aerobics. Body temperature is usually warm in the late afternoon, which is possibly the best time to build your muscles.

Furthermore, a study by ‘Chronobiology International’ found that afternoon exercise releases higher levels of testosterone, which plays a key role in gaining muscles.

So, there are different benefits for both morning and evening workouts. But the most important thing is exercising, no matter what time of day. Depending on what you want to achieve and your convenience, you can choose the time to do the workout. But the best way of losing weight is regular exercise.

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